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Use of SolidWorks

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Why Solidworks

SolidWorks has a fair advantage over other competing software. Let’s understand why SolidWorks is being preferred by major German companies for its design study. One must understand that it is a designing software that offers excellent modelling tools, simulation option and analysis features all in one combined with additional drawing features.

Unique features of Solidworks

1. Design Intent - This is a unique feature by which we decide how to proceed in a drawing further as per our intent. If a user likes to use a feature at a certain angle or any face, the SolidWorks provides this user-friendly option to design as per intent.

2. Parametric design - The design can be made using the parametric equation, and any part’s family can be easily formed. The parametric design also allows us to study and analyse the effects of changing parameters. Such parameters can be either geometry based or numerical. The introduction of fixed and variables eases down a lot of efforts.

3. Tolerances and Smart Dimensioning - The tolerance needed in any drafting can be easily provided in SolidWorks. Any drafting of large models can be automatically done by converting a drawing into 2D. With the help of smart dimensioning any dimension between two points or lines can be taken out even in a 3D model.

4. HELP - It is like a question mark present in every command box that guides you how to use that particular command with an example. This is the best-known feature of SolidWorks to boast about.

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