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solidworksassignment is an organisation that provides quality assistance for assignments by connecting peers from various universities and providing them with educational materials on a complimentary basis. Moreover, we are also an organisation that provides a medium using which you can connect with various academic experts using the medium of online tuitions and online connectivity to ensure that all provide remote-based connectivity on a one-on-one basis. Besides, the one-on-one solution is a paid service that consists of academic students who seek assistance from academic professionals to clarify all their relevant doubts and clarifications regarding various doubts. It is important to note that all and every member of our website can access the website and can obtain relevant study materials. However, these services are strictly meant for the purpose of references only.

In fact, the services offered by us and under strict terms and conditions, taking into account the academic integrity that is based upon the Australian University Authority and the different recommended based practices that are issued under the purpose of academic integrity.

Accordingly, we also make sure that once you use our website, you adhere to .our organisation’s academic integrity policy, i.e., I thus agree and have read all the essential guidelines that are present on our website. Moreover, I am also wary of the policy guidelines that are present on your website. Also, I am aware of the academic conduit I desire. Hence I will not use any reference material from solidworksassignment or any sample of the assignment model that is downloaded, copied or derived from the assignment website using the website or services provided by .

How Do We Make Sure of Academic Integrity?

The information that we obtain from students is strictly kept confidential. Thus the information is never shared with any third party. In contrast, by legal discourse, if it is required to disclose your information, the solidworksassignment reserve the right to provide your information with regards to various legal proceedings. Also, if any other website links us to you, and accordingly, you provide your information to them, then solidworksassignment does not hold any responsibility for the confidentiality of the information provided to that website. Thus if any other website claims to be related to us, then solidworksassignment will hold no responsibility for the security of your information.

In order to ensure that you are secured with our information, we recommend that you log out of the website after every academic session. Furthermore, we suggest that you don't share information such as credentials with anyone else. Moreover, we will contact you only with the contact details provided by you. Thus the response that we receive from you will be considered the overall response from you. Besides, we will not any responsibility for the confusion or misunderstanding from your end.

solidworksassignment also reserves the right to generate modifications and amendments to the privacy statement and any points on time. Besides, the change that is present in our privacy policy will be posited here, and your continued use of the service will be based upon your services, and agreements will be based upon the new changes in the policy.

If you are having trouble accessing our privacy policy, then you can mail us at And we recommend that you also look at our terms and conditions.

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