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Assembly and Motion study

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All the SolidWorks part files are saved in .sldprt format. These files are recalled in its other module for assembly. In assembly, a part model is called and is given its position and mating constraints. The mating option in Solidworks is very diverse. The mating can be done from simple surface interaction to a high-level mechanical working mates such as gears.

In Assembly module, the component can be fixed, enlarged to allow proper surface mating. The correct mating again depends on the skill of the user. There are certain standard smart fasteners also present to assemble directly in the model wherever required.

In assembly, other important features are creating a motion study of assembly, taking out appropriate BOM or Bill of Material and Study the effect of exploded view.

Motion Study

In motion study, the part is simulated under various conditions. In other words, it is a motion study step. Every new motion that may be constrained can be easily viewed in motion study. Here by using the given motor feature, a motion that is animated and can be saved in .avi format. The file clarity, fps (frame per second), length of the motion file being studied can be changed according to the need.

Unlike other software, the motion can be provided by applying different other motion responsible techniques such as spring, cam follower, ball joints and gravity parameters.
These simulation techniques make the design study more educative, constructive and challenging.

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