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Modelling In Solidworks

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Unique features in sketching are similar in the case with modelling features as well. Simple boss extrudes, cut extrude, revolve base and revolve cut base are basic option as present in all software. But the unique thing about Solidworks is that you can draft inward, or outward the boss extruded part. Here you need to mention separately the degree of the draft and the length. Another important thing about boss extrude option is that it not only extrudes, but extrudes as per our requirement. There are more than seven ways of extrusion like to the surface, to the edge, up to next feature, up to next surface and many more which makes it easy to draw any model in SolidWorks without using unnecessary trimming of bodies.

Now talking about pattern designing apart from simple circular and linear pattern designing option (generally present in all equivalent software) Solidworks can draw patterns based on curves, based on the sketch and based on filling option. In this software, you can not only pattern sketches but also all the features in a go. Here in this software you need to construct features separately, for example; you need first to draw a body and then draw a hole rather than drawing a body with a hole. Such steps are taken to allow parametric designing in SolidWorks.

Drawing a rib, mirroring features, taking a reference geometry or drawing instant 3D, making a shell, drawing drafted features can be easily done on this software.

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