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Understanding Solidworks sketching

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In SolidWorks, a model is made by first sketching the concept in 2D and then giving its 3D geometric shape later on (a normal case with all similar CAD software). But in SolidWorks, you get an option of 3D sketching to design directly in 3D that sorts out involvement of some unnecessary steps.

One-click smart dimensioning is present. Just select the type of features in the model to be dimensioned.

Every sketch tool has more option than usual. For example. A quadrilateral can be drawn in five ways in SolidWorks by using a corner rectangle, center rectangle, three-point corner rectangle, three-point center rectangle and parallelogram option. Similarly for circles, line, and splines.

In SolidWorks, you can directly sketch a hexagon and any conic section curve by specifying its focal lengths. There are certain options that are used directly in 3D sketching like inserting a reference plane in a model. Apart from these general sketching terms the SolidWorks provides an option of trimming, converting identities, offset identities, mirror, move entities and rapid sketching.

The trimming option is more equipped with extension command and power trim option. Secondly any two surfaces or features can be used to extract an edge required by their intersection known as intersection geometries. Offset identity is used to create an offset to the drawn sketch with just one click rather than sketching the same feature again and again. Move command is important as it moves the selected entities to a specific location as required.

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