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Data Security Policy

Here are the data security policies of our organisation for your consideration

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Salient Features

We at solidworksassignment understand the significance of Data, and thus we are thoroughly committed to providing you with affordable and complete protection for our students who use our services. We are thoroughly committed to providing the best assistance for students to complete their respective projects. These security guidelines for data privacy are in sync with the Australian government guidelines for data privacy and security. We are thoroughly committed to providing affordable protection to the customers who use our products and services. When you share your personal information with us regarding the requirement for security and an open, committed system to ensure that all the information received is in accordance with the privacy policy established.

Moreover, this privacy policy is applied to our website as well as the various services that we provide to our customers. Accordingly, they are also applicable to marketing-related practices. We make sure that there is total transparency that is maintained in all our workings. We are well aware of the significance of the sensitivity of data that is shared by our customers, and thus we ensure to provide optimal data privacy and protection to our products and services.

We Would Like To Inform You What Type Of Information We Collect From Your Side.

As a generalised form of practice, we don't collect any personal information from the visitors to the website unless the information is shared by the visitor with their consent. We will only use your personal information if you share it with us. However, certain metrics, such as the number of times you visit our website etc., can be used in order to improve the overall experience and provide you with better quality of services.

Once you register at solidworksassignment, you will be provided with a dedicated id using which you can use our services. Depending on your services, some additional information from your side may be required. This may include information such as your name, email address, phone number or payment information. At times we may rely on various information from various public information.

When you use our website and product application information that is collected from our website. Based on your visiting metrics and from the website and application or product. We search for all the relevant information with regard to the cookie and similar levels of technologies.

As a part of our marketing campaigns, once you subscribe to our website, we make sure that we provide you with advertisements with a personalised touch. The main purpose of our email advertisements is to make you aware of the additional services we provide. In addition, we wish to update you about our new services. We also provide you with an option to unsubscribe from the advertisement emails.

We also provide a dedicated platform to contact our academic experts for assistance in completing the assignments.

*The information that you provide is stored in our services which are used by the respective departments who provide the services. However, we don't share all the information with any other 3rd party services.*

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