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Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions are related to everyone who visits and accesses our

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For Users

Users who are related to us must have to be transparent about their information to us. They are responsible for maintaining the privacy of their id and password. If you change your id and password, they must inform us immediately. If any mishappening occurs due to wrong information provided by the user, then we are not liable for the loss. Users are not allowed to see the other information related to websites that are not related to them and are not entitled to delete or damage any information.

Our Agreement to You as a Customer

We act as an assistance provider of experts who deliver original services to customers or users. While placing the order, users do not have to worry as we deliver 100 original and top-quality services.

We assign you highly qualified experts who deal with our orders.

We will exert all relevant skills and conclusions in assigning experts for your work.

We deliver all our services to user inboxes and submit them before deadlines. This is our policy. Once the experts have been assigned and allocated and the payment is received from the customer, then there is no refund for the same. But to resolve your issue, we accommodate the proposal of change in the work once the order has been allocated to the expert but only if we think there is a need for the changes and it would not conflict with the previous order. If the extra facts are furnished after complete payment or a deposit has been made, which matches the attributes contained in the original Order specification, we may either offer a new extract to you for the modified specification or reallocate the Order to a distant expert. If there are unwarranted issues, we retain the right to cancel your transaction at any time. If that occurs, you will get a full refund of the money you initially paid. Once the expert and customer have agreed to accept the order and money has been made, the arrangement is said to have begun.

The terms of the Agreement shall remain in effect until the Work is Completed unless cancelled by any Party.

Outstanding Balance

We reserve the right to hold off on or postpone the work order delivery if you, as the customer, pay a deposit and agree to pay the remainder at a minimum of 24 hours before the order is due.

Correct and Comprehensive Information

You must furnish all relevant facts, information, and advice as a customer. If you fail to provide us with the necessary information, the delivery of finished work will be delayed; in such situations, the policy of completing work on time will not apply, and we will not be liable for any damages. If the experts require confirmation or more information concerning the work order, we will contact you via the email address or phone number you provided, and we will evaluate the response/instruction obtained from you.

Guarantee to Deliver Work on Time

We make the commitment to deliver every work by the deadline at midnight. If we are not able to finish the work by the deadline, the customer will receive a full refund, and the service will be provided at no cost to them. However, if a technical issue results from a third party, such as a mail account provider, a hosting provider, an internet service provider, database software, or an incompatible format, delays in delivery will not be our responsibility. We shall give evidence that the work was uploaded on time upon request.

If The Delivery is Unsuccessful

If the job is not completed on schedule, you should inform us right once. You'll take a danger if you wait much longer to notify. We won't be responsible for any sort of loss you experience as a result of the non-delivery of finished work if you fail to pay an outstanding amount related to the delivery or if you fail to give us additional information that is required for its completion. If we are at fault for the failure to deliver, we will make the difference and tell you why it didn't happen.

Assurance Against Plagiarism

We deliver services that are free of plagiarism. If you give back our work after finding any instances of plagiarism, we will repay you twice as much as you first paid. Plagiarism is when someone passes off another person's work as their own. Plagiarism occurs when the original concept is rephrased without providing appropriate credit. We shall thoroughly analyse the Work and make an authoritative conclusion if there is any doubt regarding whether the work that has been supplied to you represents plagiarism or not. The plagiarism guarantee is not valid if the claimed plagiarism is slight or not noticeable.

Privacy Legislation

The user/customer undertakes not to divulge any information we may have given them during any interaction with them to a third party. Other than when forced to do so by law or legitimate authority, we promise not to expose any personal information and data submitted to us by the customer or user.


The refund will be processed using the same credit or debit card information the user/customer used for payment. If no card were in use, we would give the user/customer an option of a refund delivery method.

Payment Terms

If the payment is not received while placing the purchase via the form, we will contact the customer via email to request payment. If we accept part payment from the user/customer, the balance payment must be made before the required date for the delivery of the full job. The user/customer is usually asked to pay for their order in full in advance. We have the option to decline the assignment if we are unsure that we can acquire an expert and execute the work justice. If full payment is made in advance of finding an expert, it is possible that no appropriate expert will be available for the task, in which case the service will be declined, and the payments will be reimbursed. In all circumstances of controversy, Our team's decision, which means decision, will be final, but we will guarantee that the Customer is supplied with appropriate clarity on how we arrived at our choice.


General public holidays like Christmas and New Year's Day are not observed by us; any service or assistance provided by us on a non-working day is totally up to the team's decision.
Before placing a purchase, the user/customer agrees to review any applicable university policies.
We do not offer professional advice; we just offer academic help.
We disclaim all responsibility for any interruptions or delays in accessing the website. For the purpose of the website's scheduled maintenance and upgrades, we are entitled to restrict access to the site.
Any delays in the modification, suspension, or cessation of the site do not subject us to liability to you or any third person.


At our sole discretion, we retain the right to cancel the entire or a portion of the service contract, your account, and your use of the site at any time. We may provide notice by publishing the termination on the Website or sending correspondence to the address provided (email or otherwise). You shall be held accountable for any violations of these Terms and obligations accrued prior to the term's expiration.

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